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Who am I?  They’re not my parents.  They’re not my family. Why didn’t they love me?  I have no family. Should I stay?  How could I go?  How could I not?  I wish someone could tell me.  Why didn’t she love me?  Why did they kill her?  Maybe she did love me…No.  No one loves me anymore…


Things were mixed up for Hermione.  She didn’t know what to call that woman anymore.  Should she still call her mum?  Or she should she call her Katie.  And what about the man who was once her father?  Who was he now?


One year ago her parents had told her something that would change Hermione forever.  Her parents had called her into the sitting room.  They were standing solemn and silent.  Before she even stepped into the room, Hermione could feel it.  It felt dangerous and she had wanted to run.  But she knew that whatever it was she must face it.  Now she wished she had run.  She still wanted to.  Just run as far away as possible and leave it all behind. 


But she hadn’t run.  She walked calmly into the room as though joining her parents for an afternoon tea.  She slowly sat on the couch opposite them. They waited for her to get comfortable. It didn’t matter though.  She was stiff and unsure, awaiting her fate.  She thought back to all of the rules she had ever broken.  All the bad things she had ever done.  And she prayed that she was getting in trouble for something she had done.  She did so in vain.


Her mother spoke first, her eyes blurring with each word she spoke. 


“Hermione dear, we just want to let you know how much we love you.  Never forget that.”  And then her father spoke.


“Hermione I…I…” he stuttered. Then he sighed and said “I’m not quite sure how to say this…” and then mum broke down.


But the worst part was that Hermione hadn’t gone to her.  She had merely sat there, seemingly apathetic to the whole thing. 


“Maybe we should wait…” dad said uncertainly to mum. 


“No,” she cried between sobs, “she deserves to know.”  This sentence was ended in sudden defeat. 


Hermione knew.  All along she had had an inkling, and now it was fact. 


Hermione waited patiently for her dad to begin again.  He sat mum in a chair and then proceeded to tell her all that she had been waiting for.


“Hermione I’m just going to come out and say it. I can’t think of another way.”  He began.


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