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Johnny Depp Layout:

This was my first layout for Black Top Hats. I'm in love with Johnny Depp! This layout was huge! It was difficult because of how the background continued into the box of the iframe.

Blue Stars Layout:

This one was very small and although I loved it, it was difficult to use. I found it a bit cluttered. But I still think it was lovely.

Peter Pan Layout:

This one was really large too. I liked the way the Hook and Wendy pic looked. This layout was somewhat confusing. I forgot to get a screen shot of this one so I just have the basic layout.

Clown Layout:

I really liked the clowns in it. It was hard because I had to use two different fixed backgrounds and could never get it to look the way I wanted. I was playing KoRN-Clown for a while but stopped cuz I didn't even know the song that well.