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Take the letter of your first name and match it with your favorite number; it's as simple as that!

A: Glittery
B: Misty
C: Beautiful
D: Dazzling
E: Groovy
F: Luscious
G: Nifty
H: Sparkling
I: Wonderful
J: Simple
K: [color of choice]
L: Juicy
M: Sensational
N: Wicked
O: Curious
P: Fiery
Q: Freaky
R: Toxic
S: Special
T: Tipsy
U: Dying
V: Elastic
W: Extraordinary
X: Exuberant
Y: Cheery
Z: Rotting
1: Roses
2: Glitter
3: Cherries
4: Dolls
5: Poison
6: Sword
7: Pirates
8: Stars
9: Soda
10: Confetti